Elmi Laboratories


Elmi Laboratories is Limited company registered in England and Wales under company number 13245362. Our terms and conditions as well as our privacy policy apply throughout our website, during any telephone call and written correspondence such as reports at all times.

Our Terms are superior to any other information in Elmi Laboratories’ day to day work. You can only do business with us if you are 18 or above or otherwise, parental or guardian consent is provided or available in person. Where tests only are been purchased, any interpretative results provided by us should not substitute a clinical diagnosis but rather a physician’s advice should be sought.

Our free consultations are only what tests do you need based on your symptoms. If you request a phlebotomist to visit at your home, it will attract an extra cost and the testing will be arranged within 3 working days. If this cannot be achieved. Elmi Laboratories will arrange alternative mode of testing including asking you to attend local clinic. We may contact you by phone, email, through WhatsApp or text message.

You are welcome to request any test of your choice but Elmi Laboratories advices you to always take your results to be interpreted by qualified doctors including your GP and do not treat yourself based on results only and without experts advice. From time to time we may update our Terms and conditions as well as privacy policy. Elmi Laboratories is not substitute for emergency medicine and should you be in pain or require emergency help, please contact your GP, go to AE or dial 999 if applicable. Should you have any question for us, Elmi Laboratories would like to hear from you, please email. info@elmilabs.com

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