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Follicle Stimulating Hormone blood test

Normal Reference Range

♂ 1.4 – 13.6 U/L
♀ 2.5 – 19.5 U/L = Follicular phase
♀ 4.0 – 18.7 U/L = Mid-cycle
♀ 0.4 – 12.4 U/L = Luteal phase
♀ 1.8 – 140.0 U/L = Post-Menopausal

Test Information

During the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle, FSH encourages the formation and development of ovarian follicles (eggs) in women. FSH starts the follicle's synthesis of oestradiol during the follicular phase, and the two hormones cooperate to promote the growth of the egg follicle. FSH encourages progesterone production during the luteal phase. Oestradiol and progesterone both assist the pituitary in regulating the quantity of FSH secreted. The ovaries stop producing at menopause, and FSH levels increase. FSH encourages men's testicles to generate mature sperm. After puberty, the FSH levels in men remain largely constant.

Clinical Indications

Fertility assessment for men and women) Investigations of Hypopituitarism and hypogonadism

Sample Required

5mL serum sample tube is required for the FSH blood test

Min. sample volume


Special Instructions and Precautions

Not applicable

Time Limits For Retrospective Testing

5 days

Any factors affecting the test

Not applicable

Turnaround Time

6 hrs

Referral centre (if applicable)

Not applicable

Test Code


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