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Carbohydrate Antigen-125 blood test

Normal Reference Range

0 – 35 U/mL

Test Information

A mucinous glycoprotein called carbohydrate antigen-125, which is typically found in ovarian malignancies but can also be elevated in primary tumours of the endometrium, fallopian tubes, lung, breast, or GI tract, is expressed in various cancers. Increased levels can also result from a number of benign disorders, including endometriosis, menstruation, pelvic inflammatory disease, and pregnancy.

Clinical Indications

• Because CA-125 is non-specific, its diagnostic value is limited (up to 30% of ovarian tumours have no detectable CA-125).

• Monitoring therapy efficiency, ovarian cancer prognostic indicators, and relapse

Sample Required

5mL serum sample tube is required for CA-125 blood test

Min. sample volume


Special Instructions and Precautions

Not applicable

Time Limits For Retrospective Testing

5 days

Any factors affecting the test

Not applicable

Turnaround Time

6 hrs

Referral centre (if applicable)

Not applicable

Test Code


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