Elmi Laboratories

C1 Complement blood test

Normal Reference Range

0.15 – 0.35 g/L

Test Information

An excessive amount of C1 and its intermediates C1r and C1s are produced in hereditary angioedema as a result of a functional loss (familial) of the C1 esterase inhibitor enzyme.

Clinical Indications

Differential diagnosis for patients who come with a widespread clinical picture of allergies that includes edoema, unexplained stomach pain, and in rare cases urticaria

Sample Required

5mL serum sample blood tube is required for C1 blood test

Min. sample volume


Special Instructions and Precautions

Not applicable

Time Limits For Retrospective Testing

Not applicable (sample referred)

Any factors affecting the test

Not applicable

Turnaround Time

5 - 8 days

Referral centre (if applicable)

Not applicable

Test Code


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