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Alanine aminotransferase blood test

Normal Reference Range

0 – 15 Yrs = 8 – 50 IU/L
>15 Yrs = 5 – 40 IU/L

Test Information

The enzyme alanine transferase is involved in the alanine amino acid's metabolism. Although ALT is active in a variety of tissues, the liver has the most of it. The enzyme is released into the blood when the liver is injured.

Clinical Indications

This test might be requested for several reasons including suspected symptoms of liver disease or damage or lack of blood flow to the liver or certain medications or poisons.

Sample Required

5mL serum sample tube is required for the ALT blood test

Min. sample volume


Special Instructions and Precautions

Not applicable

Time Limits For Retrospective Testing

5 days

Any factors affecting the test

Not applicable

Turnaround Time

4 hours

Referral centre (if applicable)

Not applicable

Test Code


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