Elmi Laboratories

Advanced Research

At Elmi Laboratories, we have a research and development section, and our doors are open to potential companies who require our experts and facilities to help conduct their research as long as ethical approval is obtained from the Research Ethics Committee in the UK.

We support advanced research in relation to testing development and diagnosis related equipment which is beneficial to the public.

Elmi Laboratories supports research and development in the diagnostic advancement sector. We are open and work with both nationally and internationally on projects related to tests, tubes, diagnosis diseases, and analysers as well as specific service delivery in the diagnostic sector. Should you have any questions regarding research, please contact us at info@elmilabs.com

Research and Development plays a critical role in the innovation process of Elmi Laboratories and its current and future partners. It is essentially an investment in technology and future capabilities which will be transformed into new products, processes, and services.

Elmi Laboratories has devoted itself to Research and Development and as a result, we constantly soar ahead of our competitors.

Hasan Elmi

Operational Manager of Elmi Laboratories

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