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Alpha-1 antitrypsin blood test

*Advise phenotype assay for apparent deficiency

Normal Reference Range

1.1 – 2.1g/L*

Test Information

Familial A1AT deficiency leads to predominantly unrestricted proliferation of neutrophil-mediated elastase in the tissues of the lung causing extensive collateral damage and subsequent emphysema-like symptoms in adults. Alternatively, neonatal accumulation of dysfunctional A1AT in the liver causes the production of abnormal polymers that damage the surrounding tissues of the liver.

Clinical Indications

• Unexplained liver cirrhosis in juveniles (and rarely adults.)
• Suspected early-onset emphysema (juveniles/ adults) or emphysema with/without F/H
• Observed deficiency as seen on routine Serum protein electrophoresis investigation.

Sample Required

5mL serum sample tube is required for A1AT blood test

Min. sample volume


Special Instructions and Precautions

Not applicable

Time Limits For Retrospective Testing

5 days

Any factors affecting the test

Not applicable

Turnaround Time

4 hrs

Referral centre (if applicable)

Not applicable

Test Code


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